Ringer Genie Pro and Lite 3.0.0 released on Google Play Store

Ringer Genie Pro 3.0.0 and Ringer Genie Lite 3.0.0 have been released on Google Play Store. This release contains bug fixes for stability and better user experience.

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Ringer Genie 2.1.0 Pro available on Amazon Android Appstore

Amazon launched its own Android Appstore. Ringer Genie 2.1.0 Pro is now available on the Amazon store as a part of their initial launch.

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Ringer Genie (Pro and Lite) 2.1.0 released !

We have launched Ringer Genie v 2.1.0 and has the solution for some important issues.

Highlights of Ringer Genie v 2.1.0:

1. Events customization to ignore ‘All Day’ events during sync from calendar. This is turned ON by default.
2. Issue with From/To button text color is fixed (Observed on certain handsets).
3. Fix for setting up System Volume to normal after event ends. Issue with Media volume fixed as well.
4. Event time setting updates for events across night and day. e.g event from 10 PM to 6 AM
5. New buttons for Play/Pause/Restart events with updates to the button area.
6. Repetition allowed for more than 1 year
7. Additional fixes …..

We have been amazed to learn creative and innovative ways in which our “fans” are putting the Genie to work. We’d be honored to hear your unique story as well so that we can anonymously share your story with other existing and potential users in the spirit of helping each other out.

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Ringer Genie Pro Discussion

General Discussions related to Ringer Genie Pro. The latest release of Ringer Genie is 2.0.

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Ringer Genie (Pro and Lite) 2.0 launched !

We have made Ringer Genie simpler to install (removing additional plug-in requirement), easier to use and added some great features. This redesign will result in LOSS of Configuration Data in your Ringer Genie if you choose to upgrade to this version. You will be able to add that data (Calendars, Exception Groups etc.) back in no time.  We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

Here are few changes and new features:

  • Recurring Events support (Limited)
  • Start, Pause, Restart and Stop of Quick Event (Renamed from Now) for instant meetings
  • Merged the Home and Fetch screen into the Events screen for better usability
  • Near and Dear renamed as VIP Pass
  • Created distinction between Free and Paid by limiting functionality
  • Showcase for customization available in Pro version
  • Bug fixes

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Ringer Genie Pro is in ‘Top Paid’ apps of ‘Business’ category

Ringer Genie Pro  is listed in “Top Paid” apps of “Business” category.

Our BIG THANKS to our paid customers who have appreciated Srijna team’s 1000+ hours of effort to bring this feature rich and intuitive application. As a result of your patronage, Ringer Genie Pro has moved to new category of 100-500 downloads.

We are shortly going to launch the new version of Ringer Genie 2.0 incorporating new features and enhancements as requested by our valued customers.

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Ringer Genie 2.0 approved by Amazon Appstore

Amazon is soon launching Android Appstore. Ringer Genie 2.0 has been approved by Amazon and will be part of their initial launch.

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